[governance] Liability of Search Engines, ISPs and Social Networks towards USERS

Sivasubramanian M isolatedn at gmail.com
Mon Jan 9 03:45:53 EST 2012


I came across a forwarded post in the ISOC Public Policy list by a
researcher who has been collecting resources on Search engine liability on
defamation, copyright and Trade Mark.  pear.ly/-eAL <http://t.co/TT1qKerW>

This makes me wonder if there is enough done by the users to BALANCE the
offensives by the Copyright and Trade Mark Lobbies on ISPs and Search
Engines. The conventional method of user's support would be to defend
existing policies of serach engines and ISPs to preserve the network as a
"stupid' network, without judgement on the traffic passing through.

Wondering is there is a more effective way.  What if Users adopt the same
tactics, with a benevolent intent? What if Users mount an equally powerful,
legitimate offensive on Search Engines, ISPs and Social Networks to assert
that it is an offence by Search Engines, ISPs and Social Networks if they
COMPROMISE on their knowledge of user's content and usage to favor the
trademark and copyright lobby?

Users do not wish to have search Engines, Social Networks and ISPs to
breach their information flow. If this benevloent 'offensive' is mounted on
the companies, it would sufficiently balance the trademark and copyright
offensive. (This would actually make it easier for the companies to defend

I wish to hear your reactions on this please.

Thank you

Sivasubramanian M
ISOC India Chennai

facebook: goo.gl/1VvIG
LinkedIn:  goo.gl/eUt7s
Twitter: http://goo.gl/kaQ3a
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