[governance] Is This An Issue for Internet Governance/Internet Human Rights?

Daniel Kalchev daniel at digsys.bg
Fri Jul 29 01:51:19 EDT 2011

On 29.07.11 03:38, Paul Lehto wrote:
> As between the only two choices available -- governmental governance
> and corporate governance, the only choice in which the people have a
> fighting chance even in theory is Government.

Very interesting. You still ignore private, non-corporate governance. 
There isn't much difference between governments and large corporations, 
except that some corporations are much richer than most governments, and 
sometimes much more effective. Both types are subject to great corruption.

By the way, one pretty much votes for a corporation with their purchases.

> Democracy, as they say, isn't perfect, but its better than all other
> systems available or tried.
Democracy was something they tried in Greece thousands years ago. It 
probably lasted longer than the current reiteration.

It is pretty much obvious the current system of governance has reached a 
point where it is clearly not viable any more.
The private governance system has existed longer in human history than 
any other experiment.
With any of the other system, you essentially give up few or more of 
your rights, in exchange of promises.
History shows these promises were never, ever kept.

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