[governance] FW: TP: city government exercising policy on Google Applications / consumer rights / Consumer Protection Act / trial period

Daniel Kalchev daniel at digsys.bg
Tue Jul 12 11:28:08 EDT 2011

On 12.07.11 18:06, Paul Lehto wrote:
> THe internet has somewhat more "work-around" capability, but only a 
> tech utopian believes these
> work-arounds are a magical solution to the otherwise eternal question
> of who will make the laws and who will allocate the rights and duties?
>   A democratically elected governmental entity, or an aristocracy of
> monied corporations?
This is where we apparently disagree. You believe those two entities are 
different, I don't.

No matter what the government is, it will behave well only if it is 
beyond any doubt that it has to be accountable. Same applies to any 
corporation. What is unique with Internet is, as it was mentioned that 
it is without borders. So much difficult to frame.

In a world without borders, it does not help any government to try to 
regulate how you plant your farm, because, you can at any moment plant 
it at any other soil, anywhere else. The only way to control this is to 
create One World Government. Who knows, this may happen some day. Then a 
different form of Internet will happen.

Replace 'government' with a 'corporation'. The situation would be the same.

It is also utopian to believe humans can be kept under control.

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