[governance] Youths and Developing Nations

Eric Dierker cogitoergosum at sbcglobal.net
Thu Mar 25 14:53:48 EDT 2010

I live and work in the very developed San Diego USA. I do and have sponsored many youths from both Mexico and Vietnam. Most of what I do with them is mentoring through our higher education facilities and institutions here. They obviously are priviledged to pursue such education and have appropriate talents.
But they have no training with the life of the Internet. They can access just fine. They can operate for learning and school just fine. But as a very generalized rule these upperclass futures of their country have no real world experience. They are part of a class that is not familiar with the rough and tumble world of sheisters and con artists and philanderors. They are not prepared with the tools it takes to navigate the corrupt and enticing world of online scams, advertising and social intrusions. They are pulled as though by a drug into the materialistic and nonproductive availability of vices.
I have no interest to stop or limit activity on the Internet.  What I am very interested in is in educating these best and brightest that are our hope and our legacy.  Programs that help in recognition of problems ocurring in such areas as gaming, social networking, privacy issues, publication issues.*
(*this is an area we cannot reasonably expect developing nation parents to be proficient in)
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