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*CALL FOR PAPERS CPRsouth5: Convergence:  Infrastructure, services, policies
*6- 8 December 2010, Xian, China*

Organized by LIRNEasia and the Research Centre for Information Industry
Development, Xian University of Posts and Telecommunications (XUPT),
supported by the International Development Research Centre, Canada (IDRC)
and the Department for International Development, UK (DFID)*

Communication Policy Research: south (CPRsouth) intends to build human
capacity in the South by reinforcing and developing the values and
commitment of scholars in the region or with substantial interest in the
region. The overall objective is to create policy intellectuals capable of
informed and effective intervention in ICT policy and regulatory processes
in specific country contexts.

The conference provides a forum for mid-career and junior scholars to meet
face-to-face and exchange ideas, network and improve the quality of their
scholarly work, in order to foster the next generation of active scholars
and in-situ experts capable of contributing to good ICT policy and
regulation in the region.

*About the Conference*
CPRsouth5 offers researchers the opportunity to discuss their research on
ICT regulation and policy in the South with a policy-oriented, international
audience and obtain useful feedback. Prior to the conference, tutorial
sessions will be held for Young Scholars on the fundamentals of technology,
markets, regulation and policy.  Previous conferences were held in
collaboration with the National College of Public Administration and
Governance (NCPAG), University of the Philippines, Diliman (Manila); the
Indian Institute of Technology, Madras (Chennai); the Beijing University of
Posts and Telecommunications (Beijing) and LIRNEasia (Negombo).

*Chairs of CPRsouth5*
From CPRsouth: Prof. Ashok Jhunjhunwala, Indian Institute of Technology,
From LIRNEasia: Prof. Rohan Samarajiva, Chair and CEO, LIRNEasia
From XUPT: Prof. Wen Xiaozheng, Vice President, XUPT

The conference will accommodate ~21 paper presenters over the course of two
and half days and include sessions on cutting-edge developments on policy
and regulation in the South and discussion of the research-policy interface.
 The audience will be made up of 60+ scholars on ICT policy and regulation,
including 30 Young Scholars.  Each of the paper sessions will be chaired by
a Senior Scholar.  Substantive discussant comments from another Senior
Scholar will be provided.

Xi\'an University of Post and Telecommunications (XUPT) also known as the
cradle of engineers is situated in Northwest of China. XUPT covers six
fields in Science, Engineering, Business Management, Economics, Literature
and Law giving more prominence to Information and Science Technology. Over
15,000 students are enrolled at the university, including undergraduates,
postgraduates, and three-year college students

XUPT is located in Xian, one of the historically most important cities of
China. It is world famous for its Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses of Qin Shi
Huang, the First Emperor of China.

*Call for Abstracts*
Abstracts for papers on ICT policy and regulation research carried out in
the Asia Pacific or relevant to Asia -Pacific may be submitted for review
and acceptance. The abstracts must be capable of being classified with at
least three keywords from the list below (if you have trouble doing so, it
is an indication that your work may not fit this conference).  The keywords
will be used to assign papers to reviewers in a double-blind process which
will yield a short list of approximately 35.  Completed papers based on the
shortlisted abstracts will be judged by two senior scholars and the highest
ranked three papers in each session will be invited to present at the

Access, Applications, Business models, Citizen, Civil society, Competition,
Conflict, Connectivity, Consumer, Content, Convergence, Cooperation, Demand,
Domestic, Efficiency, Emerging markets, Finance, Governance, Growth,
Inclusion, Indicators, Information, Infrastructure, Innovation,
International, Judiciary, Knowledge, Legislation, Markets, Monopoly,
Networks, Performance, Policy, Poverty, Productivity, Property, Public
goods, Reforms, Regional, Regulation, Strategy, Supply, Transparency

Please indicate the relevant keywords from the above list in your abstract

*Submission Guidelines*
Abstracts should be submitted electronically at www.cprsouth.org on or
before 25 April 2010 and must contain the following:
a. 500-word abstract of the paper, including a minimum of three and a
maximum of five keywords from the list given above.  Include at least three
references to prior work.
b. curriculum vitae (one page)

The document must be named CPRsouth5_Abstract&Bio_YourLastName. It should be
in MS office word format. Please note that the abstract and bio should be on
the same document.

Notification of acceptance of abstracts will be emailed on or before 02 June
2010, and authors will be given two months to submit their completed papers
– i.e. full papers have to be submitted for final review by 01 August 2010.
Only full papers of acceptable quality that are received by the deadline,
will be considered for travel and accommodation support.  It is expected
that the papers will be polished and improved in the runup to the
conference. Presentation coaching will be provided for the selected paper
presenters prior to the conference using youtube.  Final presentation will
be a policy presentation.  All paper givers will be required to develop a
policy brief based on the final research paper.

Paper presenters who make the cut will be notified by 23 August 2010 with
contact information for the assigned chair and discussant and instructions
on travel arrangements.

*Review Criteria*
Abstracts will be reviewed according to the following criteria:
1. Clarity of the thesis or the research finding
2. Novelty, significance, and importance to the CPRsouth community
3. Adequacy of methods
4. Quality of writing
5.Appropriateness of interpretations

Please note: Only the authors whose papers that are delivered by the August
01, 2010 deadline AND who meet the quality standard will be allowed to
present their policy brief at the conference. Other papers may be made
available on the CPRsouth website as ‘online-only’. These authors may attend
the event at their own expense or if they have applied for and satisfied the
criteria for selection as Young Scholars.

The papers selected for presentation at the CPRsouth Conference will be
uploaded onto the Social Science Research Network (SSRN) database. Therefore
please note that the submission of the final papers implies consent to
upload them onto the SSRN  database. The slides of the presentations made at
the conference will be uploaded to SlideShare

*Previous conferences*
Please visit www.cprsouth.org for programs and presented papers.

Selected paper givers will be provided with:

   Lowest-cost economy airfare for paper-givers who are citizens of
countries with per capita GDP lower than Malaysia
   50 percent of lowest-cost airfair will be reimbursed for paper-givers who
are citizens of countries with per capita GDP equal to or higher than

 • Twin sharing accommodation and meals for the duration of the conference
(6-8 December 2010).

The cost of transportation to and from airports in home and conference
countries, visa fees (if any) and incidental costs have to borne by the

Visas are required to enter China, with very few exceptions. Letters will be
provided for this purpose by XUPT after participant selections have been
made. Participants are strongly advised to initiate visa approval procedures
immediately thereafter

*Key Dates*
Deadline for abstracts: *25 April 2010*
Deadline for complete papers: *01 August 2010*

*CPRsouth Board*
Prof. Ashok Jhunjhunwala (Chair; Indian Institute of Technology, Madras)
Prof. Milagros Rivera (Alternate Chair, National University of Singapore)
Mr. Laurent Elder (International Development Research Centre, Canada)
Prof. Myeong-Cheol Park (Korea Advanced Institute for Science and
Technology, ,)
Prof. Rohan Samarajiva (LIRNEasia, Sri Lanka)
Ms. Koesmarihati Sugondo (Directorate General of Posts and
Telecommunications, Indonesia)
Prof. Patrick Xavier (Curtin Business School, Curtin University of
Technology, Australia)
Prof. Xu Yan (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Business
Prof. Yuan Chunhui (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunication,

*About LIRNEasia*
LIRNEasia is a regional information and communication technology (ICT)
policy and regulation research and capacity building organization. LIRNEasia
seeks to identify the institutional constraints on effective use of ICTs to
improve the lives of the people of Asia-Pacific; work collaboratively with
multiple stakeholders to catalyze changes conducive to greater participation
by users and suppliers; and contribute to building capacity within the
region for evidence-based intervention in the public-policy process. It
serves as the administrative partner for CPRsouth.

Visit www.lirneasia.net for more information.

*Contact information*
Mail: CPRsouth, C/o LIRNEasia, 12 Balcombe Place, Colombo 00080, Sri Lanka
Telephone: +94 11 267 1160
Fax: +94 11 267 5212
Email: info at cprsouth.org
Website: www.cprsouth.org

*Conditional on formal approval

Nirmali Sivapragasam

Researcher, LIRNEasia

LIRNEasia | www.lirneasia.net | 12 Balcombe Place, Colombo 8, Sri Lanka | v:
+94 (11) 267 1160 | f: + 94 (11) 267 5212
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