[governance] Strangeness in the IGF programme

Milton L Mueller mueller at syr.edu
Wed Mar 3 11:59:36 EST 2010

>>"Maintaining Internet services in situations of disaster and crisis"
>> - a good topic for network operators but what's the CIR angle and
>>how is global governance involved?
>There's a whole world out there that calls itself "Critical [National]
>Infrastructure" and is all about governments having enough levers to
>pull in a time a time of natural (or un-natural) disaster to instruct
>operators to do things "in the National Interest" that they would not
>normally feel obliged to - as a result of contractual or other

Yes, indeed there is. Linking IG to nationalistic conceptions of critical infrastructure is all about assertions of control by states. You have just demonstrated the value of inquiring into what kind of thinking went into these topical categories. ____________________________________________________________
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