[governance] Seem to be Agendizing

Paul Lehto lehto.paul at gmail.com
Sat Aug 7 14:52:31 EDT 2010

On the other hand, a "good governance" approach to the internet most
easily leads to reinvention of the "wheel" in terms of rights (or the
lack thereof, based on the failure to apply general principles of law
to the new context of the internet, as has happened in past new vistas
of technical change...)

Personally, my view is that the amount of BOTH "good governance"
cogitating as well as interest-based lobbying (if you will) ought to
be naturally minimized by the application of pre-existing rights
structures to the internet.

If, as someone said months ago, we are merely in the "baby steps" of
rights-assertion on the internet, then that is an admission of defeat
from the start, since we can rest assured that those asserting
property-based rights on the internet will not hesitate to claim them
in a robust and strong fashion.  Failure to meet those claims with the
logical counter-claims for citizen rights creates a power imbalance
that virtually guarantees the victory of property claims of right,
since by definition a right will always defeat a non-right such as an
interest or an equitable argument of any kind.

Paul Lehto, J.D.

P.S.  "Good governance" talk can and often does consist of the
assertion of rights or of claims based on gender neutrality and other
considerations lampooned below.  A seemingly "special" interest can,
depending on the facts, be equal to the public interest.  Thus, the
assertion of the "rights of the poor" is not, prima facie, a case of
not arguing for good governance.

On 8/7/10, Eric Dierker <cogitoergosum at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> I just made a new word, in lines of securitization and gravitas.  Whether it
> be
> differing Civil Societies or Academics or Genderficationists or developing
> nationalists we are seeing a great trend toward promoting the angles and
> agendas
> of groups using Internet Governance as a platform.  They are in fact
> Agendizing
> the concept.  It has been a great while since I saw or heard someone offer
> --
> "this would really be a good method of governing".  Generally we are seeing
> --
> "Hey Women need a voice" or "Only poverty stricken citizens need apply" or
> "ICANN Sucks".  People are not here to forward a notion of good
> international
> governance of our, net, web, and electronic communications but rather as
> soldiers of some other war that requires a visit to this arena.
> Agendizing -- The act of making a cause,,, all about me and not the cause.

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