[governance] BlackBerry Service to be Suspended in UAE from October 11

Imran Ahmed Shah ias_pk at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 3 02:43:49 EDT 2010

Dear Friends, i would like to share some information about the BlackBerry 
Services which is being suspended in UAE and about hundred of thousand users 
will affect.
CircleID News Post Reference:


Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (TRA) announced on Sunday to ban 
Blackberry Services, this ban will take effect on October 11. This ban will 
affect hundreds of thousands of BlackBerry users who access Internet, e-mail and 
messaging services on their mobile handsets. The ban may be extended to foreign 
visitors (BlackBerry Roaming services), whereas about 100,000 passengers pass 
through the UAE airport daily.
BlackBerry messaging is secure but encrypted mode service which is based on 
BlackBerry Internet (GPRS/EDGE) to deliver text messages wirelessly using push 
technology of Research in Motion (RIM). Encrypted mode text messaging means that 
text messaging is beyond the readability of any middleware text base searching 
tools, if that is configured by any ISP or regulatory authorities. 

Etisalat and DU both have to follow the regulations of TRA and to minimize their 

Kuwait may also block BlackBerry services, following Saudi Arabia and UAE 

Comments of BlackBerry Service Users are being invited by by Gulf News on how 
they are affected by the decision. 

Alternate Solution – Alternatively, the resident users will have to select one 
of following two options: 

1. Either they have to use alternate (compatible) mobile phone and use 
BlackBerry Connect Services. 

2. Or they have to leave BlackBerry Push Email Services and have to migrate 
(completely) on the other mobile phone devices which provide Email 
Synchronization Push or without Push Services. In this case, new mobile phone 
will be configured to access email and/or global contact database from email 
servers but there is no option available for data security or remote wipeout. 
Similarly, without Push Email Service, users will only be able to pick email 
message whenever they will click to synchronize. 

However, adopting either case, they would not be able to use BlackBerry 
Messenger. They have to shift either on text SMS service or onto Yahoo/Google or 
Live Messaging services on their mobile phones. 

Investment of millions of dollar is on the risk which is related to the 
provisioning of BlackBerry Services and includes BlackBerry Enterprise Server 
Licenses, Hardware Machines, BlackBerry Phone Devices and Internet Services. 
However, this business will be migrated onto other email service compatible 
mobile phones such as Nokia, iPhone and Windows Mobile Phones. 


Imran Ahmed Shah
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