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I can see all the points made, but I quite liked the survey. I hope that this advice is taken and the survey resubmitted to us masses.

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Not to get all nerdy on you, but generally a survey like this would go through a ´pre-test´phase where little (or big) errors/ambiguities in the survey design, ie the precise wording of questions, is tested before  you ask lots of people to complete it.

My suggestion: compile and tweak the survey in response to the early feedback, then post again.


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Hi Jeremy,

Welcome to office :o) Good effort with the survey but I just had a run
through of the survey and I had a few thoughts or concerns as you may
say to share.:

1. My initial suggestion is that the answers should not be restricted
to a drop down list, there should be a text box to allow the surveyed
to fill in their thoughts and reflections instead of being bound to a
specific set of answers, freedom to express thoughts shouldn't be
restricted to pre-defined answers.

2. Next, there are absolute un-referenced statements following a ?
sign at the bottom of the answers for each question. I can't seem to
find direct sources of these statements and their authenticity in
general apart from the IGF structure. Is it possible to clarify these
with the reference so when members answer these, they can also read
the background of this statement?

3. Finally, some statements need to be reviewed again. The issue of
MAG is one of the major issues but a whole statement isn't
representative of all the issues that IGC needs to raise with mutual
consensus to the IGF secretariat.

Also regarding the MAG selection process, my understanding and the
process that I witnessed was that the Secretariat issues a call for
renewal of the MAG in accordance with the IGF mandate to all three
member bodies of the multistakeholders. The multistakeholder groups
than run a nomination process through their own determined procedures
after which the names are forwarded to the secretariat that then
forwards those names to the UN headquarters for the Secretary General
to select, is this understanding correct, if yes, then the questions
have to be reviewed again, if not, then the process has to be
clarified and the IGC website has the outcome of the process clearly
detailed with the names of the nominated.

Also the MAG from my perspective should represent its nominating
multistakeholder group and deliberate and intervene with the interests
of that multistakeholder group. For example, the understanding that I
practice as MAG member nominated and selected from IGC is that I am a
representative of the IGC and I have to voice the concern and
intervene on issues of importance to the IGC. In this regard, the
employer or the organization behind you should be secondary and IGC
should be first. Thus IGC/Civil Society MAG members intervene with IGC
interests. If you agree to this, then the questions again need more

These are just initial thoughts and I also suggest that we should
first float the idea to the IGC list and with consensus build a survey
to reflect our thoughts for devising statements.  In the last few
weeks we had several threads on the issue of IGF improvement and IGC
statements and those should be brought forward as they had a detailed
amount of input from IGC members and my initial understanding was that
we would devise the IGC statement based on those discussions to which
you had also extensively contributed. Please take those into account
as a priority since we have spent considerable thought and time into

I hope these suggestions are helpful.

Best Regards and Season's Greetings


On Fri, Dec 25, 2009 at 1:31 AM, Jeremy Malcolm <jeremy at ciroap.org> wrote:
> Hello all, and Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it!
> As foreshadowed by Ginger, I have created an online version of the survey
> that I posted to the list some time ago about reforms to the IGF that we
> might choose to put forward as a caucus.
> You can find the online version
> at http://igf-online.net/limesurvey/index.php?sid=17855 (I aimed to put it
> up at igcaucus.org, but technical constraints prohibited it).  Participation
> is voluntary and anonymous.
> I have simplified it from the original version that I sent by email in that
> you no longer need to list "ideal" and "pragmatic" responses.  Be as
> pragmatic as you wish to be.  Even so, for some questions, there may be more
> than one answer you would be satisfied with - in that case just choose the
> best answer.  If no answers are satisfactory, choose "Other" and write in
> your response.
> Please complete your response by 10 January 2010.  Following that, I will
> work with Ginger to produce a draft statement based on any consensus that
> emerges from the survey.  I will post this to the list, and after a
> discussion period we will aim for a consensus call on it.
> Many thanks in anticipation of your responses!
> --
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