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While doing some naturalpathic research into some "wives tales" regarding pregnancy and the direct scientific evidence supporting same -- I came across these two medical research papers. http://www.springerlink.com/content/k7602627536807g0/  and 
  'A Critical Evaluation of Internet Marketing of Products
That Contain Ephedra" (just copy and  paste into search engine- copyRights and all)
No need to read the entire articles -- they are well educated people blaming access to information for individual stupidity.
My point is clear and unambiguous.  There are two equally formidible foes to Access to information.  One is industrial and the other "professional". The industrial side wants to contain the information so as to be able to sell it.  The professional wants to contain the information to sell themselves and their own self worth. Put bluntly, Lawyers and Doctors want to keep you ignorant so that their self esteem and pocket books can get larger or at least stay larger.  Medicine and law are not areas reserved for licenses that are generally restraint of trade and reservations or knowledge.
Clearly the above two cited instances are held out by the professions as a need for themselves citing the access as the culprit, and our need to have them restrict that access for us because they are the only ones wise enough to make decisions for us.  But it takes no braintrust of knowledge to see that the two instances were exactly the opposite. It was the professions and pharmas that kept the full information from the public thereby creating a vacuume of full knowledge by the users. They kept it to themselves so they could sell it to you.
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