[governance] IGC All members should opine: this is important

Yehuda Katz yehudakatz at mailinator.com
Sat Dec 12 11:30:15 EST 2009

Candidate Bajwa;

>... I've been trying to
>emphasize on is where is the consensus and the consensus has to be
>managed the same way we build consensus for all our initiatives:
>IGC at the moment has 6 critical projects either in adoption or application:
>1. IGC on Internet Rights
>2. IGC on Development Agenda for Internet Governance or simply IG4D
>and the Political Economy of IG
>3. IG Capacity Building
>4. Developing Country Participation
>5. CS Monitoring and Evaluation as well as Impact Assessment of the IGF .
>6. IGC Infrastructure both brick and mortar as well as the Cloud
>I recollect and suggest the following few things:
>1. We could reformulate and reorganize or simply said, ...

How would you Design your website interface 
(the: Portal Structure, CMS, etc...), in order to reach the World, and by its
"Manage the way we build consensus for all our initiatives."

Take me through it, please. (Verbally)
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