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Yehuda Katz yehudakatz at mailinator.com
Fri Dec 11 11:46:25 EST 2009

I belive the IGP (Milton / Syracuse Univ et. al. ) had recived money from the
Ford Foundation, Should be quite a bit left.

Ford Foundation: www.fordfound.org
Internet Grants (All): Search






2006-2007 = 175,000 USD
> http://www.fordfound.org/grants/database/detail?21962

For the School of Information Studies' Internet Governance Project, an academic
consortium for research and policy analysis on transnational citizen-inspired
change in Internet information policy
2008-2010 = 200,000 USD

For the Internet Governance Project to inform and shape Internet public policy
through independent analysis guided by the values of democratic governance and
individual rights

$375,000 USD To Date


Here We are again Carlos:
Where has the Money gone ???
[e.g.: Detailed Expense Report Please]

If you can't pull the info, I can(.)
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