[governance] Iran slows Internet access before student protests

Eric Dierker cogitoergosum at sbcglobal.net
Sun Dec 6 13:15:04 EST 2009

This is truly fantastic!  The Internet has become such a weapon of knowledge, such a tool of information, so important that "stable" governments must attack it first in a Preemptive strike against freedom of Speech.
Not a nuclear bomb -- not chemical or biological warfare.  Not a drop of blood.  Because of the Internet the battles are being fought where they belong.  In the hearts and minds of the people.  They (Iranian gov.) are not launching an attack against the US or Israel or Iraq or shooting the "rebels" in the street or in their schools. They are attacking the actual-in-fact governance of "the people".
We here on this list are not perfect, we are not saints, we are not getting anything done.  But we exist and we care and we provide hope.  We are in fact providing the support of the modern day armies that will rise up against dictatorship and oppression and illegitimate regimes. Not with bloodshed or fanaticism but with reason and passion and caring. When this group is attacked and its posters thrown down and its funding threatened and its credibility impugned -- know that it is an attack on the very freedom fighters that stand for freedom. It is an attack on the formation of the true governance of the people.
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