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Katitza Rodriguez katitza at datos-personales.org
Sun Dec 6 09:30:52 EST 2009

Dear IGC members:

I would like to see the IGC grows as a caucus. Grow not only in terms  
of members but grows in terms of outcomes/deliverables and capacity of  

  It is vitally important that IGC produce their own papers to address  
the most relevant topics at the IG level. It is equally important that  
IGC can take into account also all those collective civil society  
papers that were released in other venues but are crucial also for the  
IGC debate. It should be both ways. All will depend on the issue, the  
time, the knowledge, the capacity, our energy, our passion and our  
capacity to make things done, among many other factors.

We all need to learn to put in the table not only the issues that we  
care about but also the issues that others civil society participants  
care about, and defend all with the same passion.

We should be able to better organize ourselves. Having meetings every  
morning before each meeting to debrief of what's going on in each  
workshop and be able to respond in each workshop is vitally important.  
Some groups/networks/coalition does this work. Can we do it as a whole  
group? This can happen only if we are well organized. There were more  
than 111 workshops. If we can monitor all the workshops and have  
always one or two civil society participants able to put in the table  
those issues that we care about, we will a better capacity to at least  
educate/share knowledge/give another point ot view to all those who  
are on the room, on the issues that civil society participants cares  

Hopefully, the candidates have a vision on this regards and can move  
forward the process. IT is a lot of work, and its not easy but we  
should do it if we want to be effective.

Warm Regards

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