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Avri Doria avri at psg.com
Sun Jul 13 14:06:55 EDT 2008

On 13 Jul 2008, at 13:18, Bret Fausett wrote:

>> I am probably no longer a member (or at least 2 days away from  
>> being de-facto ejected from the caucus) so my view on the charter  
>> is probably irrelevant...
> In response to a private email from Parminder, I reviewed the  
> charter again. Personally, I've always had a problem with loyalty  
> oaths, but the charter looked completely benign to me, so I opted  
> in. What's the concern?

Briefly, since I have already bored this list too much with my  
'minority' opinion.

- there is no intrinsic harm in asking people to say they agree with  
the charter.  in fac as a step between elections as a way to include  
mew people as members it is a good idea.

- I and others have voted in the past so i am currently a member.  To  
use the new list being created by our coordinators now ignoring the  
charter and the list of people who voted before in the definition of  
membership is a violation of the charter in my view.

- The charter requires that the vote be sent to all subscribers and  
that in the act of voting they (re) affirm their membership as CS and  
in the IGC as defined in the charter.  To use this list as is proposed  
by the coordinators, to define who can receive a ballot, is in breach  
of the charter as i read it.

Personally, i cannot participate in an act which I believe is  
redundant for many of us, and which is in support of a breach of the  
charter - even if asking people to sign on to the charter is not a  
breach in and of itself - defining membership based on that is I  
believe such a breach, and only sending ballots to members so defined  
is certainly a breach.

Once the voting list is sent out in contravention to the charter, it  
may be appealable, before then all i can do is state my position.   
Though it will be curious, if all those who did not take the oath are  
not members then will we have the right to appeal?

Note: even if no longer a member, I do plan to remain active on this  
list - assuming I am allowed.


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