[governance] Fwd: Conference of the Internet Governance Project 2008

karen banks karenb at gn.apc.org
Wed Mar 28 10:29:04 EDT 2007

hi bill and all

>A CS meeting is a good idea.  One consideration on timing---we expect to
>hold the second GigaNet symposium on the day prior to the IGF, the 11th, and
>if the Athens symposium is any indicator, presumably a lot of CS/academic
>types would want to be able to attend that.  If it were possible to do the
>CS meeting on the 10th, that would avoid any conflict.  Just a thought...

we would also support a CS meeting..

in response to bill's note about giganet and timing  - i can see 
we're going to have some challenges ;)..

carlos and i met here in lisbon to discuss the APC council meeting 
(which we'll hold prior to the IGF nov 2-9)

which we will then follow with a one day public event on low cost 
connectivity/access - as an IGF pre event, that will also feed into 
the agenda proper (somehow)

that is scheduled for Nov  10th - and i really wouldn't like for that 
to clash with a general CS event - that said, i know no-one wants to 
have events clashing, but not sure what options we have

we all want to make the most of the IGF event in several (connected) 
ways - but, i don't think we can hold events much earlier than the 
10th (and get folks attending who are attending the IGF) - we may 
have to live with some cross-over - but the earlier we can talk 
specifics, the better.. to ensure we all can make the most of the 
various opportunities

having all events in the one place for example, would be a good start..


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