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Sun Mar 4 15:10:37 EST 2007

Hi Ronda and all,

This is a bit of a tailored note, but perhaps some of the content will be of
general interest - therefore I retain the cc: on the message received. Also
because at Commission on Status of Women (men welcome!) at UN/NYC last week
I heard similar queries about topics other than ITC; a general question
about civil society participation especially viz. a viz. "private sector"
(are they both civil society? And who else is?) is certainly "in the air."

It would be interesting indeed to compare the different meetings as to
emphasis; we can expect different patterns according to venues (one
sometimes hear east and west coast of USA called "left and right" coasts) -
and there have been post WSIS Committee events elsewhere as well -
collectively they might be a good sampling of post-Geneva, Tunis, and even
Athens WSIS-related  events in addition to online convenings.

I am interested in some of the same topics as you indicate and I know others
are too and would welcome the conversation.

For fun, but also a real thing, I have an alternative email address and am
slowly working on a history:
linda at 2007ismy50thyearincomputingandIamawoman.com

I post this (above) not to weigh down your e-address book, but to indicate
long standing interest in issues you discuss very eloquently.  As I was at
Geneva, Tunis, Athens, perhaps we can trade observations online or off..

Best wishes, LDMF.

Dr. Linda D. Misek-Falkoff
For I.D. here *Respectful Interfaces*
The Communications Coordination Committee For the U.N.

On 3/4/07, Ronda Hauben <ronda.netizen at gmail.com> wrote:
> It would be good to know about the Committee convenings at the U.N. as I
> have been covering the U.N. for OhmyNews lately.
> It seems the emphasis on commerical enterprises and private entities is a
> bit of a diversion from the kind of focus that it would be more helpful to
> see with regard to the following up on the Tunis WSIS events. Also I
> recently saw the film Bamako which was helpful in showing how the focus on
> privatization of the public systems in Africa has been a contributor to the
> problems now being faced.
> As the Internet grew from a public and scientific origin and development,
> it is seems important that that be recognized as what is needed to continue
> the development and expansion.
> Also it seems that the Commission on Science and Technology for
> Development (which is out of Geneva) is where the WSIS continuation
> activities have been focused.
> I have been trying to learn what has been and is the follow up to WSIS.
> Tunis was an important event.
> best wishes
> Ronda
>  On 3/4/07, l.d.misek-falkoff <ldmisekfalkoff at gmail.com> wrote:
> >  Dear Michael and all:
> >
> > Yours and Sylvia's posts are very helpful. Much appreciated.
> > Also there have been Committee convenings at the U.N. in New York.
> > It will be helpful to gather the themes from all portals.
> > Maybe we can pool comments.
> >
> > Sending best wishes, LDMF.
> > Dr. L. D. Misek-Falkoff
> > *Respectful Interfaces*;
> > Communications Coordination Committee For The United Nations.
> >
> >
> >
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