[governance] IGF workshop deadline

Adam Peake ajp at glocom.ac.jp
Thu Jun 28 16:56:24 EDT 2007

Markus Kummer made some comments during a session on IGF at the ICANN 
meeting asking that people planning workshops to send in even 
incomplete proposals before deadline so the secretariat at least 
knows what to expect.

Here's what Markus said:

"One of the deadlines is approaching fast, that is the deadline for 
submitting proposals for workshops.  And I know there are various 
groups within the ICANN community that were discussing workshop 

My message, don't be afraid of the short deadline, but please post 
something, fill in the form, and say, "The rest will follow."  For 
us, it's helpful to have a placeholder that we do know who is 
planning what, because several people -- several groups of people may 
be toying with the idea of planning a workshop which is very similar. 
So the next month will give us an opportunity to contact the 
proposers of workshops, see whether they want to merge or see whether 
they want to approach a theme from a different angle.

I know there are various discussions about workshops on the 
transition from IPv4 and IPv6, and I think it would deserve maybe 
more than one workshop.  But, of course, we cannot repeat the same 
workshop.  They should be what different.

So it doesn't matter if the proposal is not fully fleshed out.  But, 
please, those who are planing to submit one, just give us a 
declaration of intent, a placeholder, and register.

We have so far I think 17 workshops that are sort of in the making, 
not yet submitted, but they are in the pipeline.  And I think more 
will come in the last few days."

So get proposals in!


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