[governance] Draft proposal for IGC workshop

Meryem Marzouki marzouki at ras.eu.org
Thu Jun 21 13:08:22 EDT 2007


Since my offer to propose a first draft for this IGC workshop was by  
no mean a proposal to _organize_ it (in partiuclar I'm not offering  
to contact possible panelists), here is a quick suggestion that I let  
this caucus discuss and amend. In addition to what was originally  
proposed in the caucus statement to advocate a main session on IGF's  
role and mandate, I've felt the need to include one of the main  
discussion topics of this list since the IGF earliest steps.

1. Provide a concise formulation for the proposed workshop theme.

The role, mandate, processes and outcomes of IGF: a self-reflective  

The Tunis Agenda mandated the IGF to address critically important,  
value-adding functions that cannot be performed by any existing  
Internet governance mechanism. Inter alia, the IGF should bring  
emerging issues to the attention, and, where appropriate, make  
recommendations. It should also promote and assess the embodiment of  
WSIS principles in Internet governance processes. Furthermore, it  
should strengthen and enhance the engagement of stakeholders in  
Internet governance mechanisms, particularly those from developing  
countries. To which extent this mandate has been fulfilled at this  
step, which difficulties have been identified and how could they be  
solved in order to achieve this mandate?
The Tunis Agenda also defines the IGF as “multilateral, multi- 
stakeholder, democratic and transparent” in its working and function.  
The IGF is currently mainly structured as an open discursive space,  
prepared through open consultation sessions. It is managed by a  
Secretariat.  A multi-stakeholder advisory group (MAG) has been  
appointed by the UN Secretary-General to assist him in convening the  
IGF inaugural meeting. The Chair of the MAG is assisted by a special  
advisory group (SAG). Have these structuring, management and advisory  
mechanisms proven adequate and compliant with the Tunis Agenda  
requirements? What are their strengths to reinforce and their  
weaknesses to overcome?
The purpose of this workshop would be to foster an open and inclusive  
dialogue on how the IGF could fulfill these and other elements of its  

2. Provide the Name of the Organizer(s) of the workshop and their  
Affiliation to various stakeholder groups. Describe how you will take  
steps to adhere to the multi-stakeholder principle, including  
geographical diversity.

Organizer: the Civil Society Internet Governance Caucus.
(to be completed).

3. Why do you think the proposed theme is important?

The IGF is unanimously considered as one of the main outcomes of the  
WSIS process, and an innovation in the arena of global governance.  
Two years after WSIS and one year after the IGF inaugural meeting in  
Athens, this workshop aims at providing the means of a self- 
reflective exercise to all IGF stakeholders, as a reflexive  
governance analysis process in line with the IGF unique innovative  

4. Describe the workshop’s conformity with the Tunis Agenda in terms  
of substance and the mandate of the IGF.

It goes without saying that a self-assessment of the IGF in terms of  
role, mandate, processes and outcomes is at the heart of its own  
mandate. This workshop aims at contributing to achieve this obvious  
and natural requirement.

5. Provide the Name and Affiliation of the panellists you are  
planning to invite.

Moderators: one of the co-coordinators of the IGC
Possible panelists -- NB. the idea is not to choose speakers that we  
think would be good and interesting, but to have the main actors  
represented. The UN Secretary-General is missing:)
-       the other co-coordinator of the IGC, mandated to express  
concerns discussed on the IGC list
-       Nitin Desai (as chair of both the MAG and formerly WGIG)
-       Markus Kummer (as Secretary of both the MAG and formerly WGIG)
-       Business: ICC rep.
-       Gov: as we hardly can just pick one, one way could be to have  
reps. from Greece and Brazil as 1st and 2nd IG organizing countries
-       IGO: as hard as gov. Either none, or ITU as WSIS organizer  
(but far from satisfactory:)), or ??

6. Describe the main actors in the field. Have you approached them  
and asked whether they would be willing to participate in proposed  

N/A in my opinion

7.  List similar events you have organized in the past.

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