[governance] IGF Financing (and structuring)

Louis Pouzin pouzin at well.com
Tue Jun 19 20:12:42 EDT 2007

On Mon, 18 Jun 2007 14:01:25 +0200, Meryem Marzouki wrote:

>... who will approve workshops proposals? A MAG without any mandate? Unless I missed the annoucement of the current MAG being confirmed, it seems that the it doesn't exist anymore, although some of its members are currently making strong affirmations on what they would accept and what they would reject: this situation is surrealistic.

Interestingly, when such crucial issues are raised, e.g. by Meryem, the whole list turns into sleepwalkers.

Indeed, the MAG has been. Its mandate applied only to the convening of the first IGF meeting. Furthermore, per the Tunis agenda, the UN SG has no mandate for the convening of subsequent IGF meetings. Conclusion, the IGF is now a self organizing entity.

Who is in charge ? There are only two legitimate entities, the IGF secretariat, and the host country, Brazil, per its contract with the UN. It falls on them to set up an appropriate organization, "multilateral, multi-stakeholder, democratic and transparent".

With regard to the IGF programme (themes, plenaries, workshops, etc.), the secretariat does not appear an adequate resource for carrying out the whole task. Among other things we have suggested an international scientific committee (or whatever you want to call it)
It would help the secretariat. Btw, for the technophobics, scientific does not mean technical.

If the secretariat persists in proceeding with the defunct MAG, it could very well happen that a stakeholder, some government or powerful institution, raises the issue of an illegal procedure, and requests the cancellation of the decisions made by the IGF secretariat.

A story to make lawyers drool. Best.

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