[governance] IGF Financing (and structuring)

Jeremy Malcolm Jeremy at Malcolm.id.au
Mon Jun 18 20:08:07 EDT 2007

Meryem Marzouki wrote:
> Substance (agenda setting, etc.) 
> provided by contributions from anyone/any group/any institution 
> interested. We only need some rules to organize all this and to 
> guarantee that anyone/any group/any institution has equal/equitable 
> access to resources. Working on such rules would be far more interesting 
> that discussing ways of structuring and financing IGF.
> ===
> To make my point clearer, why do we need a MAG or a bureau?

It's a fair question.  Last year I advocated the use of a 
multi-stakeholder nominations committee that would be open to anyone/any 
group/any institution, and which would have the responsibility of 
appointing the Advisory Group.  This would give the Advisory Group more 
legitimacy than it presently has and thereby allow its mandate to be 
expanded into other substantive areas that are currently wanting of 

But the kinds of procedures that are required to enable such an open and 
diverse group to reach agreement are expensive, and come with no 
guarantee.  Yes, we could create those procedures.  But who are "we"? 
Certainly not civil society alone.  Then, the open consultation 
meetings?  Then we have a chicken-and-egg situation, because they are 
not structured in such a way as to facilitate grassroots decision-making 

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