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Sun Jun 17 10:33:58 EDT 2007


Would you please explain the Geo-gTDL concept in its basic

I am imagining that the Geo-gTDL is a-kin to using the zip/postal codes and
turning them into alphabetic extentions.

10115 - 14199 Berlin/DE  -> .berlin
M4B 1V4 - M4C 5E5 Toronto/CA  -> .toronto
37501 - 38197 Memphis/USA  -> .memphis
etc. etc. ...

The Universal Postal Union (UPU) uses such a system
So an adaptation by ICANN would be simulare to that
of "the ccTLD concept ... in the ISO 3166 list." as 
stated in your paper.

Although there maybe some problems with this, in which Cites have the same

expl: Springfield/USA there are several.

Please describe the end result (user's experiance) in layman's terms.
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