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Michael Leibrandt michael_leibrandt at web.de
Sat Jun 16 09:17:41 EDT 2007

Bertrand and others,

I find it actually quite disturbing that some of us who always argued for a multi-stakeholder process now begin to make a distinction between "good" and "bad" stakes. Because I always thought that the basic idea of the IGF multi-stakeholder process is to go beyond the fences of a purely intergovernmental process and bring "real world" into the discussion. Like it or not, real world does come with economic and political pressure. And if the IGF wants to contribute to the solution for global Internet Governance problems, it's actually neccessary to have these pressure groups with us - and let them also pay their share of the costs. Of course, there is a direct link between the expected outcome of the IGF meetings and the level of economic and political pressure brought into the IGF: The more the IGF will move away from it's origins as a discussion group and become a place where people intend to draft (even non-binding) recommendations or resulutions, the more we will see lobbyi
 sts flocking to IGF meetings trying to make sure that the outcome is their outcome.

Michael, Berlin  

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