[governance] Saving the IGF

Milton Mueller mueller at syr.edu
Mon Jun 11 06:14:27 EDT 2007

>>> vb at bertola.eu 6/10/2007 10:30:52 AM >>>
>...a discussion of this 
>magnitude and importance going on in the AG should 
>have prompted its civil society members to raise it 
>immediately on this list and/or the CS plenary. I do 
>not think that they omitted doing so on purpose, but 
>IMHO we have to be more committed to building 
>effective channels of communications between 
>our representatives in the AG and the broader set of civil society 
>participants, especially as the IGF might adopt more formalized 
>representative structures.

Well said. I agree. 

>We in civil society were the main proposers of the IGF, 
>and so I think that it is up to us to try to save the IGF 
>from these threats, and try to bridge the two positions. 

Yes. Perhaps this can be a topic at the CS meetings in San Juan's ICANN

>We always tried to represent the hope for a better future, 
>and  protect the Internet from any specific interest group. 
>Under this light, I couldn't care less about the bureaucracy 
>of the AG rules - I think that we should focus on how to 
>save the IGF.

The priorities here are good ones.
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