[governance] Re: [WSIS CS-Plenary] ECOSOC reviewing WSIS follow up and implementation: CSTD, UNGIS, ALF, IGF, GAID

Meryem Marzouki marzouki at ras.eu.org
Mon Jul 23 03:51:22 EDT 2007


Le 23 juil. 07 à 08:23, Parminder a écrit :

> I am proposing the following text pulling together various  
> comments/ text
> proposals that came up, for a consensus call. This may be need to  
> be used by
> CONGO any time now depending when does the discussion come up  
> (Philippe,
> Renate, can you give us some information on this). But I think we  
> may still
> have around 48 hours we normally use for consensus seeking for  
> statements on
> the behalf of IGF. I am sorry for some delay in posting this. I had  
> planned
> to so it over the weekend, but was busy, and it slipped my mind.)

Thanks for this, Parminder. You've my support.
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