[governance] IGF workshop proposal

karen banks karenb at gn.apc.org
Thu Jul 19 05:44:19 EDT 2007


>>We are not making much progress with submitting 
>>any additional stuff to IGF secretariat that 
>>could bolster the case of IGF’s workshop on 
>>‘Fulfilling the mandate on the IGF’

>I see it hard that we can get any government to 
>support this workshop, they might not want to 
>expose themselves on such a delicate issue. But 
>perhaps we can ask whether the private sector would like to join us.

i disagree vittorio actually.. not because what 
you say isn't true - i think it is - but i think 
it is in relation to interrogating the mandate of 
the IGF - not in relation to seeing how the IGF 
is doing in terms of implementing the mandate, 
how it can do it more effectively and how we can 
link it to an ongoing review/assessment cycle throughout the IGF

these are the points we made in our comments on the proposal initially..

we will get a lot more interest in this workshop 
- from different stakeholders - if we are to 
present it in a way which is seen to be (and 
would be!) useful in terms of the sustainability, 
effectiveness and impact of the IGF

that is certainly our main objective in looking at the mandate of the IGF

i think we're giving this workshop the wrong 
'spin' if we are thinking that it should be 
controversial from the outset..  it may well 
emerge so, but let's not give ourselves 
unnecessary barriers at this point? Of course we 
want it to be critical, but constructively 
critical.. and noone need shy away from that..



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