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David Goldstein goldstein_david at yahoo.com.au
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Hi all,

The OECD's latest Communications Outlook is now available with some amazing information. Well, amazing quantity at least, but some great research. Below is an outline of a little of what's available regarding domain names that I put on my website. But there's a huge amount of information on other topics. There's also a link to the full huge document!



OECD Communications Outlook 2007

a bit hard to know where to start with this massive publication - The
OECD Communications Outlook 2007. It presents the most recent
comparable data on communication sector performance and provides
information on policy frameworks in OECD countries. The report also
provides detailed time series data of up to 10 years for a number of
key indicators. In addition, for the first time, the 2007 edition
includes analysis of the communication sector in five large non-OECD
countries: Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

those interested in issues relating to domain names, the report
includes information and statistics on internet subscribers, internet
hosts, domain names, web servers, secure servers, national and regional
internet development and peering.

The report is in pdf format and is 319 pages, or over 5mb in size.

Some of the highlights dealing with domain names, are (all figures are for August 2006 unless noted otherwise):
from 2000-2006, the 5 countries with the highest annual growth by ccTLD are .be, .ca, .se, .es and .plthe top 5 ccTLD registrations per capita are .dk, .de, .nl, .ch and .be (July 2006).com
registrations account for 51% of all domain name registrations, ccTLD
registrations (31%), .eu registrations (2%), .net (7%), .org (.5%),
.info 3% and .biz (1%)shares of gTLDs in OECD-related domain
name registrations - the top 5 countries are USA, Turkey, Canada, Spain
and Francedomain name registrations per
inhabitant including gTLDs, ccTLDs and .eu - the top 5 countries are
Denmark (184/1,000 inhabitants), Germany (174), United States (159),
Netherlands (154) and United Kingdom (140)top 5 registrars (2005) - GoDaddy (18%), Network Solutions (10%), eNom (8%), Tucows (7%) and Melbourne IT (6%).See http://technewsreview.com.au/article.php?article=2060.

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