[governance] Update on IGF Workshops

Avri Doria avri at acm.org
Fri Jul 6 10:54:17 EDT 2007


60 workshops proposals have been submitted.  They can be found at:

They have been grouped into 7 categories: the 5 thematic areas, the  
cross cutting issue of development and capacity building, and other.

This is more then available space and time will allow for.  There is  
an opportunity for cooperation and merging before any decisions need  
to be made on which workshops get scheduled.  As was stated in the  
call:  “organizers of workshops are, therefore, expected to work with  
others who submit proposals on the same theme. A willingness to merge  
proposals is a requirement.”  So, now is the time.

Those who are able/willing to merge are asked to notify the  
secretariat by 22 July.

Decision on scheduling will be made after 31 July. This is the  
deadline for proposals for Open Forums, Best Practice Forums and  
Dynamic Coalitions. Depending on the number of requests for these  
sessions, there may be a reallocation of scheduling slot to allow for  
more workshops, but I expect that there will also be many proposal  
for these other sessions, so I don't expect any major shift in slot  

I also understand that problems with submission are being worked on,  
and all those who proposed workshops will be able to access the area  
for editing in time.


(Sent with hat of periodic consultant to IGF secretariat on, though  
not currently under contract.)____________________________________________________________
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