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Parminder, I would be happy for Internet Mark 2 Project to be listed as a
co-sponsor, or alternatively Ian Peter and Associates –


In my life as a management consultant, I find that, in a corporate setting,
that just talking to management will never get a good result – because
specifically affected stakeholders need to be consulted. I apply the same to
internet governance – just talking to countries cannot get the results which
are needed. How do we do this effectively in an Internet setting?


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We are also seeking co-sponsorship / participation in the proposed workshop
on ‘governance of critical internet resources – exploring commons and public
interest framework’. As said earlier it is already co-sponsored by APC, and
RITS apart from IT for Change. 


We especially welcome private sector and Internet community participation.
Can any IGC member put me in contact with/ or direct me to the appropriate
person in ICANN for this…


Is ALAC and/or NCUC willing to co-sponsor. 


Anyone from the private sector…..







IGF Workshop Proposal


Governance of Critical Internet Resources - Exploring Commons and Public
Interest Based Frameworks


1. Provide a concise formulation for the proposed workshop theme. 


Issues and mechanisms of public policy regarding critical Internet resources
was a key concern at the WSIS, and remains an issue that is still a
work-in-progress.  Part of the reason may be that the various parties
involved in this matter have remained most focused on who, rather than what.

This issue remains dominated by concerns of whether private governance
systems are better; or governments should have a greater role; or an
international organization should step in; or whether the multi-stakeholder
principle is appropriate, and to what extent, and in what manner, it can be
applied in an area of substantive policy decisions. 


It may be better to approach the problem from a different direction,
focusing on what should drive and inform public policy regarding critical
Internet resources rather than who. This will entail an examination of the
normative principles which determines and/or should determine the governance
of critical Internet resources. Stability and security are the more obvious
issues here; development of the Internet may be an issue that requires
greater elaboration, and may involve policy trade-offs; and, beyond these,
there are many other issues of public interest that need to elaborated and
articulated in the context of IG . 


The proposed workshop will seek to explore the normative basis of present
systems of governance of critical Internet resources, and also alternative
normative bases or frameworks - like ones based on the 'commons' principle,
public interest principle, 'public nature' or 'public-ness' of the Internet
principle, and such. Obviously, such an exploration will also go into
examining what constitutes public interest in Internet Governance (IG), and
which publics are involved here. 


2.         Why do you think the proposed theme is important?

Exploring the normative basis of governance of resources critical to what
has become perhaps the most important social, economic and political
infrastructure of the world - the Internet - is obviously important. Taking
up such an exercise in a public forum, with full and open participation for
all, will help in the use and development of the Internet in the best public



3.         Describe the workshop's conformity with the Tunis Agenda in terms
of substance and the mandate of the IGF.

Tunis Agenda in paragraph 72 outlining the role and mandate of the IGF, in
part (j) mentions its role to 'discuss, inter alia, issues relating to
critical Internet resources'. Tunis Agenda also speaks of the need for
developing public policy principles with regard to governance of critical
Internet resources.





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