[governance] Caucus at the stock taking meeitng of IGF

Parminder Parminder at ITforChange.net
Tue Jan 30 22:39:55 EST 2007

I understand that Vittorio is trying to put together some views expressed on
this list for inputting into the stock taking meeting of IGF. while we cant make
it to the deadline of the 2nd to submit a formal input document, if we are able
to agree on a few common points, these can be taken up on the behalf of IGC by
IGC members participating in the meeting...

so please contribute your views on the matter - specifically, what points will
you like to be raised in the stock taking meeting regarding the conduct of IGF
meeting in Athens and looking forward to the meeting in Rio. the format given at
http://info.intgovforum.org/Q2006v2.php may be a useful indicator of what is
being sought for the meeting... However, views can also be contributed in a more
 open ended manner, which Vittorio and I can try to integrate into a consensus
document, if possible .  


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