[governance] Extending the deadline for Appeals Team selection

Izumi AIZU aizu at anr.org
Tue Jan 30 10:38:28 EST 2007

Dear list,

Though we tried as much as possible, the Nomcom for Appeals Team
will not be able to reach the selection of members by the original
target date of Jan 31, that is tomorrow.

In part due to the late arrival of the statements from the nominees,
and also our lack of time to spend, we need more discussion
among the Nomcom members to reach a good decision.

Please allow us to extend the time line, to set the new deadline on
Tuesday, Feb 6.

Sorry for the delay, and I hope you all understand the situation.

Taking this opportunity, we like to thank all those who took part,
especially to Avri for her extra work for web-page updates.

Many thanks,

izumi, non-voting Nomcom Chair

                      >> Izumi Aizu <<

             Institute for HyperNetwork Society
             Kumon Center, Tama University
                             * * * * *
              << Writing the Future of the History >>
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