[governance] Re: Appeal Team Selection time line

Izumi AIZU aizu at anr.org
Sun Jan 21 20:14:49 EST 2007

Dear list,

We have now nine nominations on the website and one more
is sent to the list, waiting for the statement by Willie, that will
make ten nominations which was the minimum number for
starting the selection.

Please see the website below for details:

For those nominees who have not made the statement, please
send it to the list as soon as possible.

The Nomcom would like to start the discussion for the selection
to meet the deadline of Jan 31 for final announcement.

Thank you for your participation and support to this important
process, during the holiday period.


2006/12/23, Izumi AIZU <aizu at anr.org>:
> Dear all,
> Our NomCom team agreed to work with the following time line.
> In essence, we like to finish this process by the end of January,
> taking holidays into consideration, it is about one-month job.
> The biggest challenge for all of us is to make sure sufficient number
> and quality of candidates will be pooled. This needs YOUR participation.
> With this, Happy Holiday!
> izumi
> 1. Discuss and agree with the criteria and selection method for Appeal Team
>   - by Jan 8
> 2. Send out "Call for Appeal Team"  - Jan 9
> 3. Receive and review applications/nominations  - Jan 21
> 4. Make final selection - Jan 29
> 5. Prepare report (Chair) - Jan 30
> 6. Announce the result - Jan 31
> 7. Publish the Report and dissolve  - Jan 31
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