[governance] The .xxx domain rises again

Patrick Vande Walle patrick at vande-walle.eu
Wed Jan 17 06:19:34 EST 2007

I agree with you, Milton. I raised the issue of two weeks ago in a blog

Not only is it outside the scope and mission of ICANN to control the
content. It also seems difficult, if not impossible, to effectively
implement the required controls in the current state of the technology.
How can a human being tell with 100% certainty that a picture does
represent an under age kid ? Even less a computer program.

Going into conjectures:
- Either, this new agreement is a way for ICANN to wash its hands and
pretend the issues raised by the GAC are being addressed and consider
its job done, or
-  it could be a political willingness to program the failure of the new
TLD by requiring impossible controls, and claim later that the rules
have not be respected.

Hypothesis 2 might explain why we did not yet hear any opposition from
conservative groups yet.

Patrick Vande Walle

Milton Mueller wrote, On 16/01/2007 21:31:
> The backers of the controversial .xxx domain for adult Internet content
> have negotiated a new contract with ICANN. Chances are now good that it
> will finally succeed in gaining the approval of the ICANN Board. 
> What are the implications of this probable resolution of the .xxx drama
> for
> the Internet and Internet governance? They are major. But no one seems 
> to be talking about them.
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