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Norbert Bollow nb at bollow.ch
Tue Jan 16 10:13:07 EST 2007

Kicki Nordström <kino at iris.se> wrote:

> Yes, no problem, but I need to know the format you are using and
> also whom we are addressing with the statement! Could you give me
> further information?

Right now, they're looking for input for the "taking stock and the way
forward" session, and they're specifically looking for answers to
these questions:

- What worked well? 

- What worked less well?

- Suggestions for improvement in view of the second IGF meeting?

- Any other comments or suggestions?

- Did the synthesis paper, which gave an overview of all contributions
  received and which was translated in all UN languages, meet a real
  need? Should a similar paper be prepared prior to the next meeting?

I'd suggest that we work out a set of answers to this set of
questions which reflects our "please make sure that the needs of
people with disabilities will not get overlooked again" perspective,
and then try to get endorsements for this submission from the
Internet Governance Caucus and other organizations.

We should submit the resulting statement (consisting of a set of
answers to these five questions and a list of endorsing organisations)
by 2 February, since according to http://intgovforum.org/ contributions
received by that date will be "reflected" in a sythesis paper prepared
by the Secretariat in preparation for the "taking stock and the way
forward" session.

I'd suggest that we use plain text format for our discussions of the
text for the statement.  The secretariat seems to like RTF format, and
I don't see anything wrong with sending them the finished statement in
that format when it's done, but for the purpose of discussion plain
text is the easiest and most portable way to involve many people in
creating a good statement.


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