[governance] Re: Appeals Team Nomination - web page now open - waiting for YOU!

Jeremy Shtern jeremy.shtern at umontreal.ca
Mon Jan 15 21:05:25 EST 2007

Hi Everyone,

Further to my self-nomination of a few days back: Another day, another 
Appeals team Nom statement from a Jeremy:

- begin statement

I work at the Media at mcgill research centre and am completing a PhD at 
the Université of Montréal.  My research focuses on both Internet 
Governance issues and the role of Civil Society in Global Governance. I 
have been involved with the IGC since 2003 and hav tried earn my keep by 
taking on roles that help facilitate its day-to-day activities and its 
continued sustainable organizational development. At the same time, I 
have not been a particularly active player in the debates over its 
substantive policy positions- something that I think is important for 
the appeals team. I have a professional background working in online 
policy consultation in both Canada and the UK and would sit on the 
appeals team with an unambiguous mandate that the interests of the IGC 
come before any specific individual or policy agenda as well as a clear 
idea about the role played in establishing these interests by 
consultation and dialogue amongst the community.

Region: North America
Profession: Academic
Membership affiliation in IGC: As individual
Working Languages: English/ French

- end statement

Thanks Izumi, Nom Com and everyone else who took the time to prepare and 
read statements,


Jeremy Shtern

Izumi AIZU wrote:
> Thanks Jeremy for taking the lead on this.
> I would encourage other nominees to also send their statements.
> It does not have to be "long", though Jeremy did a pretty good job.
> The Nomcom will not judge by the length per se, but the committment
> and other criteria we agreed.
> In any case, please send the statements to the list and Avri wil
> link them to the table she already prepared (with revised titles).
> thanks,
> izumi
> 2007/1/16, Jeremy Malcolm <Jeremy at malcolm.id.au>:
>> Izumi AIZU wrote:
>> > Dear list,
>> >
>> > So far not too many people have been nominated for the Appeals Team.
>> >
>> > It can be self-nomination, but you can also nominate someone
>> > you think is the good candidate. We need at least 10 names.
>> I may as well throw my hat into the ring then.
>> Some of you met me in Athens.  I have been involved in IG since joining
>> the boards of ISOC-AU in 2001 and the Western Australian Internet
>> Association in 2000 (though I don't toe the ISOC party line on the IGF).
>> I also chair a co-regulatory taskforce that drafted the Australian
>> Internet Industry Spam Code last year, since registered with the
>> Australian Communications and Media Authority.
>> I have completed four chapters of a PhD thesis on the IGF which is at
>> http://www.malcolm.id.au/thesis/, and before that I was a self-employed
>> specialist IT lawyer and IT consultant.  I'm managing another IT
>> business on a part-time basis while I'm studying.
>> I am about to launch, with some other interested parties, an Online
>> Collaboration Dynamic Coalition, and have just finished off a draft Web
>> site for it at http://igf2006.info/wiki/IGF-OCDC.  I also run the
>> http://igfwatch.org/ site.
>> I've previously been on the committees of some other civil society
>> Internet organisations including the Australian Public Access Network
>> Association and Electronic Frontiers Australia, as well some more
>> general IT associations such as the Society of Linux Professionals WA
>> and the WA Society for Computers and the Law.
>> Off the top of my head, a few of my beliefs are:
>> * "Governments will never agree to it" is no excuse
>> * DNS is not the most important IG issue
>> * Transnational public policy issues are no longer the sole province
>>    of governments
>> * Process is key, because it shapes expectations and power relations
>> * A key factor in making the IGF more accessible is to make online
>>    participation equivalent to attendance in person
>> * The structure of an Internet governance organisation should reflect
>>    the cultural values of the Internet
>> My full resume is at
>> http://www.malcolm.id.au/files/documents/personal/resume.pdf, but if
>> anyone has any questions feel free to ask me.
>> -- 
>> Jeremy Malcolm LLB (Hons) B Com
>> Internet and Open Source lawyer, IT consultant, actor
>> host -t NAPTR|awk -F! '{print $3}'
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