[governance] Call for Nomination to Appeal Team

Izumi AIZU aizu at anr.org
Wed Jan 10 00:33:35 EST 2007

Dear List,

Here is the Call fr Nomination. I hope we will find many good candidates and
give headache to us to choose from.

We tried to make it as simple as possible, but may have some room to refine.
Again, please send your question or comments to the list.


*Call for Nomination to Appeal Team*

Jan 9 2006

>From Civil Society Internet Governance Caucus (CS IGC) Appeal Team Nomcom

 Bret Fausett, Milton Mueller, Maja Andjelkovic, Adam Peake, Ralf Bendrath,
Izumi Aizu (non-voting Chair)

Following our charter, we like to call for nomination to the Members of the
Appeal Team. (http://www.igcaucus.org/IGC-charter_final-061014.html).

We need to select five (5) IGC members. To reach high quality members, we
like to have more than 10 nominations as a minimum target. Please send your
nomination by Jan 21.

If we don't get 10 nominations by then, we "may" extend the deadline for
another week or so though that will be decided by Nomcom (with consultation
with the list, of course).

We will announce the result by January 31.

*Appeal Team function*
The work of Appeal Team is, as the name suggests, a kind of work like judges
in the court:

When more than 4 individual members find the decision of our two
coordinators (now Parminder and Vittorio) not acceptable they can bring the
matter to the Appeals Team with their co-signed statement. In other words,
if things are going all OK, there is no work for Appeal Team.

When a decision is appealed, however, the appeals team should review any
discussions that occurred and will request comments from the IGC membership.
Based on the information they collect and discussion, they will decide on
the merit of the appeal.

Nomcom has proposed that Appeals team should be Civil Society Internet
Governance Caucus (CS IGC) members. More specifically, anyone who have
subscribed to the IGC Charter and subscribed to the IGC caucus mailing list
for 2 months prior to the announcement of the appeals team Nomcom process is
eligible to be a candidate. (The Nomcom process started on November 20th
2006, so anyone who has been the member since before September 21 is

Naturally, two coordinators are NOT eligible. All Nomcom members including
the non-voting Chair are also not eligible.

We expect that the successful candidate should be a person with thoughtful
and unbiased consideration and have a stated (and demonstrated) commitment
to consultation and dialogue with the community.

*How to nominate*
Any CS-IGC member qualified to above conditions can make the nomination.
Nomination should be submitted to the IGC list by the end of January 21
2006, UTC.

Self nomination will be accepted. It is recommended to have a second support
expressed by other IGC member(s) that will add more weight for the

People who are nominated are kindly requested to submit their statement to
accept the nomination and indicate their commitment to consultation and
dialogue with the community.

For the CS IGC Charter, please see:

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