[governance] Proposed Criteria for CS IGC Appeals Team

Vittorio Bertola vb at bertola.eu.org
Mon Jan 8 09:57:31 EST 2007

Izumi AIZU ha scritto:
> If you have any comment, suggestions or questions, please put them on
> this list. The criteria below is close to final, but if we think
> additional suggestions make more sense, we will incorporate them.

I think they are a good set of criteria, and moreover we trust the 
people who are in the Nomcom to apply them in the right way; people 
taking care of appeals should be particularly balanced and able to 
distinguish between facts (e.g. consensus or rough consensus) and 
personal opinions.

About the Charter, I think that people who serve in this group - which 
is established by the Charter - implicitly accept the Charter itself, 
but if this makes people more comfortable we might ask to those selected 
to send a message to the list confirming their acceptance of the Charter.

Thanks anyway for the hard work!
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