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Bertrand de La Chapelle bdelachapelle at gmail.com
Wed Aug 22 06:03:40 EDT 2007

Dear all,

Renewal of the MAG has launched an interesting string of comments - as
usual. I'd just like to call attention to the key paragraph in the UN
announcement :

"As part of its mandate, the Advisory Group has been asked to enhance the
transparency of the preparatory process by ensuring a continuous flow of
information between its members and the various interested groups.  It has
also been requested to make proposals on a suitable rotation among its
members, based on recommendations from the various interested groups.  *Any
decision on how to prepare subsequent meetings will be taken after the Rio
de Janeiro meeting in an open, inclusive and transparent consultative
process, taking into account the proposals of the Advisory Group*."

Whatever feelings people have on the present composition, methods of
renewal, etc... the main challenge for all stakeholders will be to come up
with a suitable MS structure and methods for selecting its members for the
India meeting. Some of the comments already made on the list provided hints
on what people see as solutions, but the discussion needs to be broader.

This is a major challenge and opportunity for the governance list :
can IGC come up with concrete proposals in that regard, that can be broadly
accepted within CS and other constituencies, like it was instrumental in
promoting and obtaining acceptance of concepts like the broad definition of
internet governance, multi-stakeholderism and the forum ?

Exciting perspective.



Bertrand de La Chapelle

Tel : +33 (0)6 11 88 33 32

"Le plus beau métier des hommes, c'est d'unir les hommes" Antoine de Saint
("there is no better mission for humans than uniting humans")
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