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Dear Norbert, and greetings all:

Your willingness to take leadership here is great, and yes please include
all who are interested. The International Disability Caucus Task Force on
ICT is also quite interested and I will be pleased to interface in both

It is cheering to work with one of the view that the solution space is
equally or more important than the problem space.

 hope I read correctly that the concept of a broken system holds forth the
hope and vision that either it was once whole, or can be brought into  being
[more] whole.

Very best wishes, and continually at service via this email address,

Dr. Linda D. Misek-Falkoff
*Respectful Interfaces*.
50 years on the "Nets."

On 8/7/07, Norbert Bollow <nb at bollow.ch> wrote:
> Kicki Nordström <kicki.nordstrom at srfriks.org> wrote:
> > The group I am thinking of was created at the first WSIS and with
> > its side event, we have continued to work on the resolution we
> > adopted, wishing a ICT society open for ALL! The resolution was
> > further developed in Tunis at the second phase of WSIS and the
> > disability Forum hold the second side event.
> >
> > I really hope something will happen now so as we can move this issue
> > a bit further!
> >
> > Thanks Norbert., for your good initiative, do you mind to take the lead?
> Dear Kicki and everyone,
> let me start by apologizing for having been so slow to get back
> to you with regard to this.  Of course I feel honored by the
> suggestion that I could maybe take on a leadership role.  Still I
> think that it may be important to clarify goals and expectations
> a bit more before it makes sense to decide that we want to go
> forward together and that I and/or others could agree to take on
> leadership responsibilities.
> Kicki's post and the entire discussion that led up to it (including
> in particular also the posting by Linda Misek-Falkoff about systems
> which may have gotten some thoughts going subconsciously which then
> surfaced when I read Kicki's message) have sparked something in me,
> so that I want to try get something going in the sense of a social
> hack which attempts to create a subsystem of society which will be
> arranged according to principles of empowerment rather than power.
> Therefore, what I have in mind is not specifically focused on just
> the particular needs of people with disabilities, but rather on
> implementing principles for empowering people (which implies active
> system design aimed at preventing anyone from getting disempowered
> or marginalized).  I want to get rid of what Kicki called "disabling"
> technology by practicing and inspiring good, empowering principles of
> technology design, not only with regard to people with disabilities
> but also with regard to people in economically underdeveloped regions
> and also with regard to the people in whatever one's country of
> residence is (in my case, that's Switzerland).  I'll admit right
> away that this set of objectives sounds extremely ambitious, and that
> might be a good reason why one might perhaps want to reconsider the
> idea of following whatever leadership I might be able to provide.
> Nevertheless, I want to go forward, and I'm perfectly willing to
> serve as a leader of a small group aimed at investigating the kind of
> ideas that I outlined above.  I'll set up a mailing list for this
> shortly, then we'll see whether something gets going.
> The vision which I described here is of course not in conflict with
> more focused activities aimed more specifically at getting the needs
> of people with disabilities met, but I feel that such a more focused
> project should have someone else as leader while I want to work on
> the big vision that I described.
> Greetings,
> Norbert.
> --
> Norbert Bollow <nb at bollow.ch>                    http://Norbert.ch
> President of the Swiss Internet User Group SIUG  http://SIUG.ch
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