[governance] Re: Burr & Cade: proposal for introducing multi-lateral oversight of the root

Patrick Vande Walle patrick at isoc.lu
Fri Jul 21 12:09:51 EDT 2006

dear Raul,

I agree with you that the proposal is not what some would expect.

The idea of having no government oversight at all may look ideal .
Personally, I am not convinced by the ideological approach that the
private sector would do better in any case and is intrinsically more

The Burr-Cade proposal only addresses a very small, but important issue
many governments have raised: what if the USG considers that my country
code has to disappear from the Internet ?  This issue has poisoned the
debate for much too long. If this could be solved by this proposal, it
would allow the more important issues, like accountability,
transparency, etc to be addressed in a much more constructive mood.


Patrick Vande Walle

Raul Echeberria said the following  on 21/07/2006 16:14:
> Personally (and it should be clear that this is 
> my personal view), I don't see that progress that you mention.
> This is exactly what many of us were afraid since 
> the beggining of the process, many years ago.

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