[governance] charter 1.5

Avri Doria avri at acm.org
Thu Jul 20 00:53:11 EDT 2006


As usual the latest copy can be found in:

aka: http://www.igcaucus.org/IGC_charter_draft-1.5.html

Older versions can still be found on the web site
http://www.igcaucus.org/IGC_charter_draft-1.4.html  etc....

Changes in 1.5

- removed notes on Vision issue
- removed vision from the set of options that needed a seperate  
decision (i.e. it seems like we have pretty much settled on having a  
Vision and Mission that closely resembles the text currently in the  
- add option for secret vs public ballots
- editorial changes to vision and mission
- changes made based on Parminder's note on recommended changes to  
the Mission.  i simplified the text somewhat.
- formatting changes to objectives
- replaced Internet Goverance with Internet governance (not really  
sure which is correct but figured it should be consistent)
- removed reference to nominating committee under organizational  
roles. It remains as an option under process.
- Included the two options, voting or nomcom, for appeal teams selection
- Added reference to no term limitations for nomcom under the nomcom  
process option – people can be selected as often as the random draw  
slects them (assuming the igc opts for a nomcom process)

On the editorial changes to vision, i tried to make it read better,  
but hopefully did not change any meanings.  the most significant  
change was to the mission where i replaced

It is intended
The membership of the caucus intends

I understand this is a slightly different meeting as it attributes  
the intention to the membership as opposed to some abstract entity.


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