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Vittorio Bertola vb at bertola.eu.org
Mon Jan 23 09:30:44 EST 2006

Il giorno dom, 22/01/2006 alle 14.29 +1300, Joop Teernstra ha scritto:
> I agree that it reflects a kind of concession.  :-/
> The question: is it enough to attract individuals of proud integrity and 
> independence?
> If not, could you raise this percentage to above 50%?

First of all, thanks for a constructive question - I really hope that
people are interested in building a workable mechanism where everyone
can participate, rather than in reopening old issues from six years ago.
In any case, this is a very controversial matter, and if you read the
messages that were posted in reply to my call, you will find both people
blaming the ALAC scheme because only individuals should participate, and
people who say that only organizations should be allowed in. Of course a
compromise is necessary, and in my opinion the only good compromise is
the one that lets all types of participants in, such as the one we are

Now, coming to the question: I think that this would happen naturally,
if the number of individuals started to overwhelm the number of
organizations participating in the mechanism. However, currently the
ICANN Bylaws are still focused on ALSes and the ALSes are the main
participants (even if IMHO they don't participate enough yet), and this
is why I think it's right to start by 50/50.

The actual number of representatives of individuals in the EURALO
council would depend on the number of individuals who register, and if
you look at the document, you need 351 members to get to 8 individual
representatives, which would make it even with the representatives of
the 8 currently accredited ALSes in Europe. I think that it is a
reasonable number, especially because I imagine that we could defer the
once-in-a-lifetime membership fee for the first phase (it will take some
time to be able to materially receive the payment).
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