[governance] [ga] Re: Establishment of the European Regional At-Large Organizaton

Danny Younger dannyyounger at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 21 12:45:37 EST 2006

Dear Veni,

As you are on the ICANN Board, you are positioned to
refute my assertion.  If in fact the ICANN Board has
received correspondence from ISOC chapters on at-large
issues, then where are these documents posted?  I
assume that you still respect the concept of
transparency, and I further assume that no ISOC
chapter has requested that the ICANN Board refrain
from publicly making evident their concerns.  Where is
such correspondence to be found?

--- Veni Markovski <veni at veni.com> wrote:

> At 07:25 21-01-06  -0800, Danny Younger wrote:
> >interests and concerns.  In fact, in the last three
> >and a half years not one single ISOC chapter
> >functioning as one your At-Large "structures" has
> ever
> >sent even one single comment to the ICANN Board on
> any
> >at-large topic whatsoever.
> On what grounds you make such a statment? That is,
> where do you take 
> the facts from?
> veni 

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