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Danny raises an interesting point - should existing (although  
limited) opportunities for engagement and participation in ICANN be  
utilized at all by "civil society" ?

If we want to prevent capture, then why don't we make sure that "no  
one organization" be allowed to control, nor monopolize  new  "At- 
Large Structures" such as the "European" one now being announced.

A few questions & comments :

-  Knowing the issues with ISOC, I am curious as to why on earth an  
ISOC space was chosen to host the discussions about the new  
structure. Could another space not have been chosen?

- Being an EU (spanish) citizen, I'd like to ask the question of  
"language" and how that issue will be handled ? The French and  
Spanish internet users will no doubt make a very strong point that  
linguistic diversity is one that should be accommodated.

- Again, with my "spanish" hat on, I'd like to be constructive and  
recommend some leading organizations in Spain that should be  
contacted and hopefully engage. Their contact information is as follows:

(1) Asociacion de Internautas

Addtess: C/ Télemaco 12,1º 9º - - 28027 Madrid
Web: http://www.internautas.org
email: asociacion at internautas.org

(2) Fundacion Cibervoluntarios -

Phone: +34 902 998 417
E-mail:  info at cibervoluntarios.es
Address:  Cibervoluntarios, Apartado de Correos 8.239, C.P. 28080  
Madrid, Spain

Yolanda Rueda Fdez was at WSIS and would be a good person to engage.

A suggestion - Yolanda is organizing a conference on ICTs and Social  
action this coming May in Seville. The conference is still being  
planned, and as such an idea might be to organize something at the  
event (a panel, or perhaps even an information booth). This would  
allow people to know more about ICANN, specifically how they could  
engage in the European at large structures.

Perhaps we can get PIR & ICANN interested in sponsoring something - I  
know Yolanda would be VERY keen to get their support!

(I am cc'ing Yolanda...)

(3) CPSR Spain

Yes, CPSR has a chapter in Spain. It's not as active as it could be -  
but there are people there who could very well be interested in  
participating in the discussions related to a new European At Large  

I am cc'ing David Casacuberta, a good friend and collegue who could  
pass you additional names of organizations who could be interested in  

In terms of others:

European - EDRI <http://www.edri.org> is the first organization that  
comes to mind. Personally, I am of the opinion that much would be  
gained by consulting the many member organizations that make up EDRI.  
The issue of digital rights should not, must not be ignored...

France -   you might want to get in touch with Divina Meigs from  
Paris. As you know she was very much involved in the Education  
Family. As she's not ISOC, well, she might be able to give you  
suggestions on who else to contact in France...

Malta - I would definitely suggest getting in touch with Jovan and  
the folks @ the Diplofoundation. Should they be interested, it would  
be great to harness the analytical and consultation skills they have  
- and bringing to the new structure.

I hope you find my comments and suggestions useful.

kindest regards,


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> --- Vittorio Bertola <vb at bertola.eu.org> wrote:
>> All,
>> as this might be of interest to the people from Europe that follow  
>> this list, I'd like to communicate that ICANN's At-Large Advisory  
>> Committee has started a consultation on the establishment of the  
>> European Regional At Large Organization, a new umbrella entity  
>> that is meant to coordinate European user organizations and active  
>> individuals and to select their representatives in ICANN.
>> The consultation is aimed not only at the organizations that have  
>> been accredited by ICANN as European At-Large Structures, but also  
>> to any interested party (especially those groups who might be  
>> thinking about applying for accreditation).
>> You can participate by going at the following URL:
>> http://www.isoc.be/euralo/
>> (kindly hosted by ISOC Belgium) and use the web forum to read the  
>> proposed structure of the new organization and post comments, by  
>> 15 February.
>> Please feel free to share this invitation with any person or  
>> organization in Europe that might be interested. Also feel free to  
>> contact me for questions or clarifications.
>> Regards,
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