[governance] Fwd: [Wgig-news] Consultations on the convening of the Internet Governance Forum

Adam Peake ajp at glocom.ac.jp
Wed Jan 11 08:51:39 EST 2006

>Il giorno mer, 11-01-2006 alle 20:51 +0900, Adam Peake ha scritto:
>>  The forum cannot be open to all if meetings are announced with just
>>  over one month's notice.
>>  There are always scheduling problems, but this is most definitely not
>  > in the spirt of an "open and inclusive process" (para 72, Tunis
>>  Agenda.)
>What I've heard (this morning, when asking) is that this was originally
>scheduled for February 27-28, but then they realized that on those dates
>the Geneva Motor Show is on, so the town was already fully booked.

That's what it says on the website too <http://www.intgovforum.org/>. 
So we'll have another "north" oriented talk shop, can stay on for a 
bit of skiing and then choose a shiny new car :-)

I understand the problem they must have in scheduling, just that it's 
a bad start.


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