[governance] Poll: sample igc Voting style vote

Avri Doria avri at psg.com
Wed Aug 23 01:17:13 EDT 2006


this is an example of what the vote on voting styles will look like.


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On Wed, 23 Aug 2006 06:05:03 +0200
avri at psg.com attached a poll to this subject:

	sample igc Voting style vote

==== ====
==== ====

By voting you affirm that you consider yourself a Civil Society
particpant of the Internet Governance Caucus.

If you cannot so affirm, please do not vote.

Option from the charter:
Elections will be run by the coordinators and will be subject to the
appeals process.

Option 1: All voting will be by secret ballot with the exception
noted above for release of voters names.

Option 2: All voting will be open, though at the discretion of the
coordinators, with or without a specific request from member(s), any
vote can be made into a secret vote. The reasons for making it a
secret vote will be stated, and are subject to appeal.


==== ============
==== ============

172 participants are asked to vote YES on 1 of the following choices:

   Your  Yes    No     On
   Vote  Votes  Votes  Choice

     -    0      0     1. All voting by secret ballot
     -    0      0     2. All voting open with option for a s

You have used 0 of your 1 YES votes.

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======== ====

This is an "if-voted" poll.  This means you can send email to

	igc-voters at igcaucus.org	

with the subject, "sample igc Voting style vote",
and with a message that says:

          eVote who

to receive a list of those who voted.  Of course, everyone else
on the igc-voters list can see if you have voted too.

Warnings: Although eVote will not reveal your vote to the other
members of the voting community, the system administrator of the
computer that stores your vote can quite easily see the voting
records of individuals. Also, there is the possibility that your
ballot can be seen by a "snooper", someone who intercepts your
ballot in transit.

The integrity of the poll, i.e., the accuracy of the count, is
susceptible to being tampered with by the system administrator
of the computer running the eVote(R)/Clerk software.

Both the privacy of your vote and the integrity of the poll are
susceptible to attack at your own computer.

== ====
== ====

  | 1.  Send a message to igc-voters at igcaucus.org	.
  | 2.  Your subject must be "sample igc Voting style vote".
  |     (Don't worry about extra words in the subject line that
  |      reply-to produces.)
  |      * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
   ----> *  NOTE:  These two steps are easy.  Just use *
         *         your reply-to key on this message!  *
         * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    3.  Your message *must* start with the word, "eVote", or your
        vote will be sent to the entire igc-voters list and it won't
        be counted!

        To vote yes on choice 2, your message should say:

           2. y

        Every choice you don't vote "yes" on will receive an automatic
         "no" vote.

    4.  If your message has a signature, or any other text
        below your vote, make a line that says, "end" just
        after your vote.

======== ==== ====
======== ==== ====

You can change your votes while the poll is open by voting again.

======== ==== ====
======== ==== ====

To remove your votes on "sample igc Voting style vote",
send the message:

	eVote remove

====== === ======= == === ====
====== === ======= == === ====

To see the current vote tally on "sample igc Voting style vote",
send the message:

	eVote info

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==== ===========

To receive more information about "sample igc Voting style vote":

1.  Send a message to:

	igc-voters at igcaucus.org	

2.  Your subject must be:

	sample igc Voting style vote

3.  Your message should say:

	eVote help who

to learn details about the WHO command.

If your message says:

	eVote how Charlie at somewhere.com

you will receive a message reporting whether or not Charlie has voted.

To see your own vote, the current vote tally, and this
information again, send the command:

	eVote info

For a general explanation of eVote/Majordomo, use any
subject line, and send the message:

	eVote help

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