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Thu Jul 28 10:28:36 EDT 2005

Note, open consultation on Internet governance on Tuesday September 6.


>From: "Renate Bloem" <rbloem at ngocongo.org>
>To: "CS Plenary" <plenary at wsis-cs.org>,
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>Subject: [WSIS CS-Plenary] Message to all 
>stakeholders on behalf of the Chair of the 
>Date: Thu, 28 Jul 2005 16:05:24 +0200
>Message to all stakeholders, on behalf of the 
>Chairman of the PrepCom of the Tunis Phase
>Dear Sir, Madam,
>For your information, please find below the 
>schedule of the planned activities prior to the 
>Prep-Com3 taking place in the Palais des Nations 
>from 19 to 30 September 2005:
>Monday, 5 September pm:         GFC meeting (GFC 
>members and observers from governments only)
>Tuesday, 6 September am:        GFC meeting 
>(Consultations open to all stakeholders)
>Tuesday, 6 September pm:        Internet 
>governance (Consultations open to all 
>Wednesday, 7 September am:      GFC meeting (GFC 
>members and observers from governments only) if 
>Wednesday, 7 September pm:      Bureau meeting (Bureau members only)
>Please note that a GFC (Group of Friends of the 
>Chair) meeting (GFC members and observers from 
>governments only) might take place on 9 
>September if necessary.
>As usual, an invitation to the meetings will be 
>send to the concerned by e-mail in due date.
>Yours faithfully,
>Charles Geiger
>Executive Director WSIS
>Renate Bloem
>President of the Conference of NGOs (CONGO)
>11, Avenue de la Paix
>CH-1202 Geneva
>Tel: +41 22 301 1000
>Fax: +41 22 301 2000
>E-mail: <mailto:rbloem at ngocongo.org>rbloem at ngocongo.org
>Website: <http://www.ngocongo.org/>www.ngocongo.org
>The Conference of NGOs (CONGO) is an 
>international, membership association that 
>facilitates the participation of NGOs in United 
>Nations debates and decisions. Founded in 1948, 
>CONGO's major objective is to ensure the 
>presence of NGOs in exchanges among the world's 
>governments and United Nations agencies on 
>issues of global concern.  For more information 
>see our website at 

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