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  in collaboration with the Legal Department, ITSLC Quickstart, CITPO  
                           invites you to a seminar on

                  World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS)
               and the Working Group on Internet Governance (WGIG):
                      What it Means for the World Bank Group

            Speaker:  Markus Kummer, Executive Coordinator of the WGIG
                    Chair:  David Satola, Senior Counsel LEGPS

         Wednesday, July  27, 2005, 2:30 - 4 pm (EST/Washington DC time)

                   Room I4-060, 1850 I Street NW Washington DC

                               PROGRAM DESCRIPTION:

   This program will describe the highlights of the Working Group?s  
Report on
   Internet Governance, launched in Geneva on July 18, 2005.  Mr.  
Kummer will
   provide a brief overview of the Working Group and its methodology,  
   its mandate under the World Summit on Information Society; a  
summary of the
   Report including highlights of particular relevance to the Bank?s  
   work; and next steps to be taken by the Secretariat before Phase  
II of the
   Summit in Tunis in November 2005.

   Mr. Kummer is the Executive Coordinator of the Secretariat  
supporting the
   Working Group on Internet Governance (WGIG).  He was appointed to  
this post by
   the United Nations Secretary-General in March 2004. From 2002  
until 2004 he
   held the position as eEnvoy of the Swiss Foreign Ministry in  
Berne. His main
   tasks included foreign policy co-ordination with regard to  
information and
   communication technologies in general and the WSIS in particular.  
Mr. Kummer
   was a member of the Swiss delegation during the first phase of the  
WSIS where
   he chaired several negotiating groups, including the group on  
   Governance that developed an agreed text on this issue for the WSIS
   Declaration of Principles and Plan of Action. He is a career  
diplomat who
   served in several functions in the Swiss foreign service in Berne,  
   Lisbon, Vienna, Oslo and Ankara.

   This event will be recorded and the video-clip and summary be  
posted to the
   website of the e-Development Thematic Group.

      For more information please email edevelopment at worldbank.org   
or visit:

      Additional background links: http://www.itu.int/wsis, http:// 

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