[governance] control and censorship - revelation?

Vittorio Bertola vb at bertola.eu.org
Sat Dec 31 03:37:57 EST 2005

David Allen ha scritto:
> Re the re-delegation of the Kazakhstan ccTLD, which has now shut down 
> a comic's website:  "Why? The president of the [newly appropriated 
> Kazakh ccTLD manager] said it was so the comic 'can't bad-mouth 
> Kazakhstan under the .kz domain name'. If you want an example of 
> government-owned and run censorship on the internet, you'll be hard 
> pushed to find a clearer example."
> According to the story, this change was made in aid of the US Iraq 
> adventure.  Yes, there is the bit that ICANN still retains some 
> 'judgment.'  But it appears that even if the supplicant is a 
> strongman state, if it is still providing bases for Afghan operations 
> ...

Do you think it is ICANN's role to judge whether a government is 
democratic or not, and deny governments access to their country's TLD if 
ICANN thinks they are not democratic?

> McCarthy says in effect, the US government has handed censorship of 
> the net to other governments of the world.

I'm sorry, but while I would like the Internet not to be censored at 
all, I prefer the Kazakh TLD to be censored by the Kazakh government, 
rather than by the US government.

After all, if each TLD is policed by a different government, you can try 
to pick the TLD whose policies you like more - something you can't do if 
a single government controls the entire DNS.
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