[governance] UNICT TaskForce book on WGIG available online

William Drake wdrake at cpsr.org
Thu Dec 22 17:26:43 EST 2005

Hi Adam,

Just FYI, the book is also available on the WGIG site, where one can
access the individual chapters directly rather than having to grab the
full 285 page PDF.   http://www.wgig.org/docs/book/toc2.html



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> "Reforming Internet Governance: Perspectives from
> the Working Group on Internet Governance (WGIG)",
> edited by Bill Drake, with chapters from many
> WGIG members/list members is now online.
> <http://www.unicttaskforce.org/perl/documents.pl?id=1572>
> Very good record of the working group: 1.7 mb PDF file, 285
> pages.  Enjoy! 
> Adam

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